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Letters to the Annals of Internal Medicine
In light of the information in these two letters to the Annals of Internal Medicine, the IPE and the MRAC should be strictly avoided. Contact me for further details. As my complaints against these people are filed, I will also publish them here. Above all else, currently, they are NOT letting you re take this test. If you take the testing offered by the IPE I would have it monitored independently. This is very serious business.

Since you can't take these test again, you need to make sure that you know what you are actually taking. These are essentially step III tests. If you study the last THREE years of study material for Step III of the boards you will do fine on the multiple choice question portion of the testing. The CCS is given on a computer that is too slow. You need to practice on a computer that is too slow. The minimum is 200 MHZ and this computer is slower. You absolutely must realize that they may not be there to do an objective test. They may want to deliberately provoke you and otherwise distract you. To that end, these tests must be monitored by a video and audio recorders. The Transaction Stimulated Recall asked me to recall the last three hours of orders in order, WHILE also recalling what I thought and what I did about the data. I have one of the best memories, and so I was able to do a good job on that, however, no one can get all of that in order. I tried to get it in order but I was not expecting to be graded on that part, since well, no one can get that done perfectly, not even people with competition quality memories. My memory is just below that.

The most strking thing about the encounter was the notion that the TSR was done in a colleageal manner. I was laughed at, yelled at, and otherwise told that I knew no medicine. To that end, I would not go in there alone, and I would seriously recommend that you have an objective recording of the event.

You have a good deal of time between the CCS and the TSR. So during that time, write down in order what you did, and what you thought about what you did as it happened. You should be able to get most of it. That could not be more important. Start with a little presentation about the cases, and then go from there. Add in a little about the latest literature and what not and you will be done.

This is the summary of things you need to do. Study the last three years of Step III material, keeping in mind that Peds, OB and what not WILL be on the test, but will NOT be broken out in the test results. I kid you not. Practice at a 60 question per hour pace.  Practice the CCS on a substandard computer. Get to a medical school and get on their computer simulations if you can. Look up USMLE WORLD for the suble things that go into the scoring of the CCS. After the CCS, write down everything, including any complaints about the testing, and then prepare a presentation about all of that data. You will probably run out of time because there are too many cases for one hour. I would consult with your lawyer about that. When I retest, I plan to tell the instructor that I have much more to say about the case, when he wants me to go on to the next case. If he says that I already got an A on the case, in front of witnesses, then I will go on. I am a teaching doctor, and so I can talk for 30 minutes on ALL of the cases, and for an hour on many of them, if I go over my canned lectures in my head beforehand.

It is a real trip doing business with the IPE. Frankly, I aced the test but they made up reasons not to retrain me. I will be posting more about that as time goes on.

Oh yes, PLEASE FEEL free to contact me. I will get you ready for this testing. It is not hard if you know what to study and what not. You already did this once. The difference is that the first time they did things in an honorable fashion.

Also, if this happened to you, please contact me.

IPE is the Institute for Physician Evaluation

MRAC is the Medical Review and Accrediting Council


In the end, the MRAC decided that I had three medical problems two of which are completely fabricated. I have no signs or symptoms for two of them. 

BEFORE the testing, the woman in charge of testing, stopped short when they said they have no intention of re... I had just sent them a bunch of material, and thought the word was going to be read, and stopped her short, but it was clearly going to be retrain you. 

 I more than passed the tests. When I called the MRAC after the testing he asked how long did I study? 

In fact because they would not tell me the nature of the test, I was not able to study that long for those particular tests. My answer to the fellow was three years. That was the time I was studying Internal Medicine. My review was very thorough and inlcuded two MKSAPs, a review course and a review of the literature. 

 It turns out at the last minute they told you that the tests were essentially stage III of the boards. These are much easier, and only require reviewing the last three years review material for these type tests. I did that in a couple of weeks. Bottom line they had to find a way to not retrain me and so they made up two medical diagnoses, both of which have no support. 

 The nature of the legal treatment of the medical establishment is strictly hands off, The legal establishment has a tenet avoiding the practice of medicine. 

 To that end they justify things that they would otherwise be judging if this was malpractice. 

 Summarizing, in turning me away, the MRAC, the Board, and the interviewer, one Scott Manaker M.D. all committed malpractice.  Manaker would not even let me speak he was so abusive. That said, I told him what he wanted to know. He decided that I had disordered thinking. If he had done that in the practice of medicine, instead of in the evaluation of another doctor he would be charged with Malpractice. Mannaker's boss, one Dr  Hansen-Flaschen noted that.  "We have that problem with Scott" when I spoke with him on the phone about Dr. Manaker's abusive nature. 

To date, April 29, 2016, two of my supporters have had action taken against them. No one else met any discipline.