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This is the beginning of  what will someday be a large site. When I was growing up, my dad worked for AT&T. I can still remember him saying that AT&T was the only company that listened to Dr. Deming.

Funny thing, in his old age, Dad started to tell us about that little green book, once again. With that as a start, that type of thinking shapes everything I do. Medicine at present only partially embraces Dr. Deming. That is a big problem.


Joseph O. Boggi D.O.
Internal Medicine

Letters and Personal Statement 

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Testimony before the President's Commission on Wounded Warriors without the supporting documents. The details at the end of the document suffer a bit for want of the supporting documents. However the supporting documents have personal information, which cannot be divulged. Net, those who have read this understand. They also understand there is much more to this.

As of this date, April 29, 2016, no one but me and two of my supporters faced discipline for this activity. These incidents have not been investigated by the state. 

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